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ABOUT The Company: <<<
The SL Shakespeare Company (SLSC) is a resident-funded and resident- supported professional theatre company that embraces the best of what Second Life (SL) has to offer. Since 2007, we have been making history by providing extravagant and unforgettable theatrical performances on Second Life. With each show, we continue to shape the field by developing and releasing a new technology for virtual theatre on Second Life. Our vision is to make live Shakespearean theatre available to anyone anywhere with a computer to create new possibilities in entertainment, culture, and commerce for residents of a diverse, unbounded geosphere. Those are the side effects of our mission: to make Shakespeare cool again!

From historically accurate Elizabethan-attired Hamlet full-length scenes to full-length staged reading series of Twelfth Night to modern plays to lag-resistant multi-scene performances, behold, the 2008 Main Repertoire PR’s: February | April | June | September | November | December

2009 Main Repertoire PR’s so far (excludes fundraisers and other events): February | March

Please feel free to google us. :-)

ABOUT The SL Globe Theatre <<<
SL Globe Theatre, sLiterary is a virtual reconstruction of the Original Globe Theatre that historians conjecture stood in Shakespeare’s days. It is meticulously adapted as a functioning theatre in the massively multiuser virtual world of Second Life. The SL Globe Theatre is the most historically accurate rendition of the Globe Theatre on the Internet. Its SL rendition is set in the confluence of 4 island simulators – thus allowing for the maximal number of local audience members. Web preview @ http://visit.SLshakespeare.com

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