A Note on Production Serials

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The SL Shakespeare Company currently performs three general types of productions.

  • Staged Readings (SR): Typically just the acting and wardrobe departments (for costumed staged readings).
  • Challenge Production (CP): All departments, except excessive research and few if any custom wardrobe designs. Often the entire piece.
  • MiniProductions (MP): All departments, typically a single scene or act from a full-length play
  • Act Production (AP): 1-Act (or thereabouts) version of a MP
  • Open-Ended Production (OEP): Open-Ended (run) productions that occur weekly or bi or tri-weekly with indefinite end date
  • Super Low Budget Production (SLBP): New things that recycle old stuff from our repertoire.
  • SSSS (SL Shakespeare Super Spoof): Only in SL…
  • Work Preview (WP) – Half-season-length show to be replayed in an upcoming series, such as an OEP or FP.
  • Full Production (FP)

We’ve yet to pursue a Full Production (FP), due to funding shortages. (We are not funded by an outside granting agency, but we’re still SL’s only professional theatre company). We do what we can with what we have – and we go for the “wow” factor each time by introducing a new technology to advance the field of live theatre in the metaverse. (See more in About).